What’s going on Grinders!

My name is Danielle Gertner- personal trainer, fire-lighter and community builder!

My passion for doing things differently, inspiring others to see their potential and fitness led me to bring Gertner Grind to life. My holistic wellness business inspires people like you to see the world as their gym. How? By being creative, consistent, adaptable and having this amazing thing called initiative!

Some more of the fancy things about me…
– Graduate of the University of Florida (go Gators!)
– Specializations in Communications and Leadership    Development
– Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports    Medicine
– Certified Kettle Bell Specialist, Onnit Academy
– Certified Holistic Food, Nutrition and Health Coach, University    of Central Florida

Want to hear more about my story? Check out the video below!

"I developed this brand to celebrate the hard workers, the dream chasers. The people who grind day in and day out and make big things happen!"



My mission in life is to inspire you to see the world as your gym! In doing so, I want to change your perspective on the word “grind.” It is more than a daily hustle, it is the foundation of a lifestyle that celebrates the creatives, the fire-lighters and the doers that do no matter what it takes!

Is it hard work? Hell yeah! Do you have to live it consistently? Hell yeah you do. But this grind is your life and your life is amazing. It’s all about HOW you grind.

Our Grinders are taught the foundation of what Gertner Grind is all about:

  • initiative
  • creativity
  • consistency
  • adaptability

They take the initiative to carve their own path, they are creative about how they do it, they push to be consistent because that produces results and they are quick on their feet when they have to adapt to this thing called life. My approach is simple. Make health and wellness fit YOUR world, not the other way around.

What can you expect when training with me?

A ton of energy “test block”

This life is meant to be lived and I train like I live. LOUD AND PROUD!

A community unlike any other

Our grinders are strong, determined, and changing perspectives on wellness one workout at a time!

Lots of surprises

We are creatures of habit and routine, at least most of us are. That all changes when you enter the world of Gertner Grind. Workouts, workshops, programs and events that will challenge your body, mind and heart.

Wellness that fits YOUR world

We start with small changes that will lead to a gradual lifestyle change. Everyone is on their own journey and no two look the same. Your wellness plan should fit your world, no matter what it looks like.


-Karin Patino, Personal Training client

Everything I have tried in the past has never gotten me as motivated as I have been since training with Danielle. Her amazing vibes are contagious and her constant motivation always pushes me to work harder. Working out with Danielle is never a drag or boring, it is the complete opposite! She has taught me how to get creative with my surroundings, how to see things from a different perspective and how to “see the world as my gym!

-Kyndall Herman, Glutes by Gert participant

I participated in Danielle’s first Glutes by Gert program after following her on Instagram for a while and trying to recreate her workout on my own to get those booty gains! Her guide was easy to follow, super informative and very challenging.

I love how she added us to a Facebook group to share demo videos of all the moves and to give out extra tips and tricks during the 4 weeks. I definitely saw results and built up my strength.

I still refer to her workouts when I want to get a good leg day in, so having the guide is still so useful! 10/10 would recommend Danielle!

-Shaman, Gator Grind and Optym staff participant, bootcamp participant

I do P90X, Insanity, T25 and P90X3 and occasionally lift at the gym. I can say they all have one thing in common – while they may be intense, they all eventually get boring.

That’s definitely one thing I can’t say about grinding with Danielle. It doesn’t matter if it’s Gator Grind at the Stadium or the Optym Boot Camp for me and my coworkers, the workouts are always fun, challenging and, most importantly, different! It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, she’ll find a way to push you hard. Too hard? Use the modifier. Too easy? Up the weight. No weights? Find a wall, a curb, anywhere with gravity.

It’s clear the world is her gym and working out with Danielle has made it mine too. I don’t know what I’m doing most days out of the week, but I can tell you, for sure, I’m working out with Danielle on Mondays… and recovering on Tuesdays.

-Maggie, Gator Grind participant

I started working out with Danielle a little less than a year ago. I began by attending her Gator Grind boot camps every Monday to challenge myself and get into a regular workout routine.

Participating in her boot camps has been one of the best health choices I have ever made! Danielle pushes me further than I would have expected for myself and I have seen tremendous results, not just physically but also mentally.

Since becoming involved with Gator Grind, my workouts have been more consistent and I have been able to incorporate her exercises into my own personal workouts. I highly recommend Gator Grind to any fitness level!

-Cherrelle Collins, Coordinator, University Residence Life at the Continuum

Danielle’s philosophy “using the world as your gym” is one of the reasons why we hired her, but her work ethic is why we continued to build upon that partnership.

Since collaborating with Danielle and implementing the Gertner Grind classes, she has used her philosophy to push our residents in “everyday spaces”. She has taught our residents that a physical gym is not needed in order to promote physical fitness and well-being. She has taught our residents how to incorporate calisthenics, as well as the environment into their workouts. She also pays close attention to each participant’s form, teaches modifications, and encourages them to move at their own pace.

Danielle has displayed an immense amount of professionalism. She has continued with the scheduled classes as planned even after becoming ill. Here at the Continuum, we are constantly thinking of new ways to build community and tend to our residents holistically. Incorporating fitness/ wellness into a community building activity has been a great way to achieve those goals. Doing so partnered with Danielle has been even better!


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