Why the change really is ours to make and why you should hop on THIS bandwagon.

If you haven’t read my latest Instagram post yet, please start there so you have a little background for this novel that you are about to read.

Here is my reality as of late: I probably pick up my phone 10 times every HOUR if not more of my day and start scrolling through Instagram. Then I click out of Instagram, open up Facebook to scroll some more and before you know it, I am back on Instagram and don’t even remember logging out of Facebook.

Question for you… have you ever kept scrolling down your feed just to make sure you didn’t miss any new posts? You get a feeling of satisfaction when you get to the bottom and come across a post you have already seen. Yeah, I do that all the time. I will sit in my car for an extra 15 mins in my driveway to finish watching an Insta story. I will neglect to eat even though I am starving just to finish a post and ensure I have the right hashtags and emojis.
As my business grows, so has my obsession for followers, likes, comments and engagement. I get jealous of other accounts who grow faster than mine, who get shout outs that I don’t and even catch myself talking SHIT about people I don’t know because for a moment, it makes me feel better. “She’s only getting those followers because XYZ” “He/she posts pretty basic content.” And I NEVER thought I would be that person. I never imagined I would actually care because for a long time, I didn’t. It wasn’t important. What was important was the impact I was having on my clients, the creative workouts I was writing, the lessons I was teaching and the lessons I was learning every day.

And then something changed. Still don’t know what. Maybe its because I have been growing more lately and feel a pressure to keep up. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I changed and it wasn’t for the better. And I have recognized it for a while now but felt it was what I was “supposed to be feeling” since I have an online business. It is what I “should be doing” to get followers (which btw DO NOT lead to any actual business in most cases).
But you know what friends. I AM FUCKING OVER IT. I am

tired of being on autopilot. I am tired of scrolling until my eyes hurt, subconsciously thinking negative things about people I don’t even know and have no business judging. I am tired of the game we have created for ourselves.

So I am making a change. A big one. I will only post because I want to and I will not quadruple check how many likes, followers, engagements and comments a post got me. I will change my thoughts when looking at my feed. I will not talk shit or bash others because they “have more” “do more” or are “noticed more.” I will refocus my efforts on impacting my clients, my friends and my loved ones in the best way possible and not on people who judge me based on a picture or video.

Why make this change? BECAUSE I CAN and because we really, really, really need a reality check. There are people still being sold as slaves. There are bombs going off left and right in places we will probably never visit, wiping out communities and families. There are so many crazy, fucked up things going on in this world and I have been feeling sad and depressed and “not good enough” because of an online platform full of strangers, fakers, haters and who ever the fuck else. I have been feeling lonely and unfulfilled because of an account that will disappear when I die and no one will even think to miss my photos or videos. These are the “issues” I have been facing while people all over the world don’t know if they will live long enough to see the sunset, let alone tomorrow.

Please make this change with me. Please lets make the change to remembering our WHY, our PURPOSE and our MISSION. Please lets make the change to focus on issues that impact more than just us. We need to make this change now. Because guess what? Habits are the reason we do ANYTHING. This social media BS that we h

ave created is a habit. Literally anything you do in your life, think in your life, respond to in your life is a habit, whether you realize it or not and you have the CHOICE to make good or bad ones. You have the POWER to CHANGE any habit you have in to a good one. But it starts now. Because the longer you keep your bad habits, the harder they are to change. The longer you think those negative thoughts the harder they are to change.

Change IS ours to make but you must believe it and you must want it. I know I do.
If you want to continue this discussion, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We will make this change together because it is our change to make.

Side note: I do recognize the importance of social media for my business. I like engaging with like-minded people, meeting amazing ones and traveling to B

oston to meet them (hi Sarah). I love learning new workouts and reading amazing articles and thoughts but that is not what I am talking about in this blog. I am talking about letting social media affect your mood, your view of yourself and the world. That is what this article is for in case you are the person who is going to message me about all the good social media can do.

And by the way


Change is Ours is an organization of some pretty bad ass women I went to high school with and they are creating a community of millennia’s that are cutting the bull shit and doing what we think cannot be done. They strive to make small changes that impact large communities and I couldn’t be more proud to know them and work with them. You are welcome to join this bandwagon and make the change that is OURs to make.