grind online with gert program

Does the online program include a nutrition plan?

The program includes a holistic nutrition guide and a new recipe or grocery list each week! If you want more healthy (and inexpensive) recipe ideas, follow my incredible sister on Instagram @Gerts_Kitchen You can also visit IIFYM.com if you would like to learn more about your personal macronutrients.

How do I break up the workouts for the week?

You will complete one entire workout (ie. all of Total Body) at once or as much as you can. I suggest giving your body a day of active rest in between each workout. On an active day of rest, you can walk, go on a light jog, ride a bike, do yoga or anything that is low impact and just gets your body moving. If you wish to workout more than 4 days a week, feel free to repeat one of the workouts again, combine a circuit from each of the days into one new workout, or repeat a workout from the previous week. This all depends on your goals!

Should I be tracking my macros?

Counting macros is a great way to target specific goals and learn more about your body and its relationship with food. It is absolutely not necessary but it could be helpful. Check out IIFYM.com.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All you have to do is shoot me an email letting me know and I can cancel it for you. We will be sad to see you go but wish you well on your grind!

Where do I find my member dashboard?

Once you create a log in and password on gertnergrind.com and have been approved (please give 24 hours), you can access the Member Dashboard which is located if you scroll over “Online Coaching” on the main menu bar.

In the Member Dashboard, you will have access to all of the written workouts, video demonstrations, and Tool Box.

The entire Tool Box was created to ensure your success. You will find a Body Assessment form, a Workout Tracker, Nutrition Guide, Recipe/Grocery List of the Week and two amazing Goal-Setting sheets: a weekly Revist, Reflect, Refocus sheet a monthly Grinder Goals Action Plan sheet.