2017 was pretty freaken awesome and I am so looking forward to grinding it down in 2018.

Whether you are a veteran grinder or a potential one, there is always a way to grind every day no matter the occasion! Enjoy this 27-minute holiday workout that will definitely challenge your body and mind.

The video demonstration for this workout (form tips) can be found on my Instagram page @GertnerGrind.

Although this is the season of spending quality time with loved ones, spending quality time with yourself as well is the foundation for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life! All you need is a floor and your incredible strong body for this workout.

If you want to continue to be inspired to see the world as your gym in the new year, check out my Grind Online with Gert program and change your perspective on health and wellness!

Cheers to all things GRIND in 2018!