Get Out Of The Box

Wonder why the wellness plan you bought doesn’t excite you or your team? Because it wasn’t made for you! Every business and organization has a unique culture and your wellness program should mirror that!

Celebrate Creativity

My approach is non-traditional, and that’s the way you will like it. In a world full of standardized processes, your wellness journey should be everything but. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities of using anything, anytime and anywhere to get up, get out, and get grinding!

Fuel Your Fire

Lack of motivation usually starts with not knowing your why. Take it back to the basics and redefine your grind and discover the right first step towards a lifetime of happiness and health!


Your employees will spend an average of 1/3 of their lives at work. They may be the best employee in the world, but everyone falls victim to routine. Break the routine, spark creativity and make work a place they can grow and thrive.

I specialize in leading customized retreats and workshops that demonstrate how health, wellness, and leadership can be used to change the way we see ourselves and our world. Get ready to see your business or organization transform as your team learns how easy it is to make the world their gym!

Customized Workshop, Retreat and Lunch and Learn Topics Include:
  • Ergonomics
  • Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Fitness Classes
  • Servant Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Building
  • Business Ethics
  • Goal Setting/Building your Tool Box
  • Effective Communication


Imagine if your team had the right tools to manage their energy more efficiently to be more successful, productive and engaged at work. Moving towards a more wellness-focused culture can be simple with the right tools, passion and execution.

I am committed to diving deep and learning what drives your company and what excites your team. And the fun part? Every business and organization is driven and excited by different things. When you celebrate creativity and look at the world a little differently, a wellness plan starts to fit YOUR world and YOUR goals, no matter what that world looks like!

fueL your

Employees who are actively engaged and passionate stay longer in their position and work at a higher level of concentration. It is time to spice things up, re-energize your team and elevate your business.

It really is that simple. Healthier, happier employees means increased engagement and increased value- for everyone involved. Programs designed to fit your budget, your time, your culture and your teams. Each wellness platform is designed specifically for your employees and together we’ll change their perspective on workplace wellness, change their lives and watch your business thrive!


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